Desi Wheeler

Venue and Staffing Operations Manager

With 24 years of bar management and event experience to her credit, Desi Wheeler is an experienced professional in the event and entertainment business. She has held Bar Management positions at Applebee's, the Atlanta Softball Country Club, Smith's Olde Bar and Tanners. While attending Georgia Perimeter College, Desi began working as a bartender for Premier Events at the Cotton Club on Peachtree Street. A few years later she assumed the role of lead bartender and was training all new staff at the venue. Desi's relationship with Premier Events grew as she took on other bar service positions with the company's other venues such as Chastain Park, The Tabernacle and The Roxy.

By 2002, she began to work with festivals and events and was soon the lead bartender for all of the venues and events at which she worked. In this role, Desi managed all hiring, scheduling and management of concessions staff for all of Premier Event's projects which included events such as Music Midtown and The Green Concert at Piedmont Park. In 2008, Desi became the Concessions Manager for the company's Chastain Park operations while also managing staffing for all festival projects for the company. In 2012, she was promoted to her current position of Venue and Staffing Operations Manager where she oversees operations for Chastain and other venue concession project as well as staffing for all Premier Events projects. Her attention to detail, ability to multi task and friendly outgoing personality are well-matched for her position and make her a valuable Premier Events team member.

Desi has ServSafe and TIPS training certifications. Desi balances her career with a rich and fulfilling role as a wife and new mom. She also enjoys hiking, camping, traveling and caring for her pets. She is active in her community supporting causes which include Humane Society, ASPCA and Breast Cancer Awareness.